Solar Balance / Thermal Vacuum

Technical specifications

  Chamber (inside)
  Table for device under test

1230 mm diameter, 1300 mm lenght
Cu, 700 x 1200 mm 
Oil temperature control system (-45°C  to + 90°C nominal) 
for table and shrouds. N2 cooling (down to -160°C) for shrouds. T gradient ~1°C/minute
  N2 feed
  N2 plant production

  Storage tank


  Pressure 10-6 mbar
  Illumination 400 x 400 mm area: 1-1350 W/m2
500 x 500 mm area: 0-310 W/m2
  Logging PT100, 24 channels, of which 11 are available
for the device under test

Technical details

  • Cu table for device under test with M5 holes at 76 mm c – c
  • Vacuum feed throughs available:
    3 x NW 32
    1 x ISO 100
    1 x ISO 160 (on tank)
    1 x ISO 250
    Adapters for CF40, CF63 and DN10-KF are available
  • Vacuum connector flanges available
    (with connectors on both sides for device under test):
  outside   inside
  ISO 100 (20x) SMA female SMA female
  ISO 100 (3x) MS3449H22-55P MS3470W22-55S
  ISO 160 (50x) SMA female SMA female
  ISO 160 MS3449H22C-55P DD50P + 2x Lemo SWH.00
  ISO 160 MS3449H18-32P DC37S + 4x Lemo ERA1S408CLL E46        (8kV DC)
  ISO 250 (10x) MS3449H22C-55P MS3470W22-55S + 10x SMA female-          female
  ISO 250 2x MS3449H22C-55P  4x MHV (HV BNC)

(MS3449 connectors comply with MIL-C-26482 ser.2)

It is possible to request a quote from us.


The reproduction of the solar spectrum with the highest possible accuracy is the most important feature of a solar simulator for testing the thermal design of components and sensors.

Testing the functionality and durability of components over a large temperature range in a vacuum simulates the space environment, including fast temperature changes, which can constitute a challenge for space instrumentation.

The IRF solar balance chamber hosts four metal halide light sources (Philips MSR 575 HR) for the reproduction of the solar flux. Metal halide sources are of advantage compared to Xe-arc lamps, because the latter contain large spikes in the IR-range in the spectrum.

Photos: Annelie Klint Nilsson, IRF

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