Thermal Vacuum

Technical specifications

  Temperature range -55°C to + 125°C
  Pressure Down to low 10-7 mbar (cryopump)
  Logging 8 x PT100

This smaller TV chamber (model TVC 025, NanoVac) can accommodate test devices of a maximum size of 40 x 40 x 40 cm3. For ensuring best thermal contact, the test device is placed on a Cu-table.

The fixture matrix facilitates attachment of the test item to the table.

  • Vacuum feed throughs available:
    3 x NW 32
    1 x ISO 100
    1 x ISO 160 (on tank)
    1 x ISO 250
    Adapters for CF40, CF63 and DN10-KF are available
  • Vacuum connector flanges available
    (with connectors on both sides for device under test):
  outside   inside
  ISO 100 (20x) SMA female SMA female
  ISO 100 (3x) MS3449H22-55P MS3470W22-55S
  ISO 160 (50x) SMA female SMA female
  ISO 160 MS3449H22C-55P DD50P + 2x Lemo SWH.00
  ISO 160 MS3449H18-32P DC37S + 4x Lemo ERA1S408CLL E46        (8kV DC)
  ISO 250 (10x) MS3449H22C-55P MS3470W22-55S + 10x SMA female-          female
  ISO 250 2x MS3449H22C-55P  4x MHV (HV BNC)

(MS3449 connectors comply with MIL-C-26482 ser.2)

It is possible to request a quote from us.

The chamber inside is covered with a black shroud for and the measurement control system allows for programmable T-cycles.

Photos: Annelie Klint Nilsson, IRF

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